Move to Your Values - Move to Texas!

Move to Tennessee with Us!

Tennessee is one of the most desired places for conservatives to move to currently. Our economy is exploding. We have many families and companies taking a hard look at our state to relocate to due to our low corporate taxes and less burdensome regulations, unlike blue states. No income tax, low property taxes, and new neighborhood developments are what attract families from all across the nation. Great schools, a ton of entertainment, beautiful/active outdoor areas, rivers and lakes, historical sites, awesome neighborhoods, a solid conservative foundation and voter base are among the other attractive things Tennessee has to offer. You will learn that “y’all” is a term that means a whole lot more than you think. Let’s put Tennessee on your list to visit and eventually call home!

Why Move to Tennessee?

We understand just how difficult the decision is to move away. Our founders left a community they once loved too. We get it. You’re choosing to start a new life somewhere better. Here are just a few reasons why so many choose to move:

Great Communities

Tennessee is home to a community for you! The rural areas are filled with tight-knit small towns, high school sports, farmers markets, and have that traditional Americana feel to them. The larger cities are where you can find world class entertainment, first class restaurants, professional sports, businesses, and so much more.

Exciting Weather

Tennessee is a land of diverse and exciting seasons of weather. From the brilliance of spring, to the powerful storms of the hot summer months, to the beautiful colors of fall, and the wonderful snows of winter – we have a lot of everything for you to enjoy here.

Entertainment & Outdoors

Tennessee is home to some of the best music venues and artists in the nation. From Memphis to Nashville, the professional music scene is growing in our state with Country music being the heart of the scene. If you enjoy college athletics or professional sports, Tennessee is home to some of the best fanbases in the country. You’ll also find adventure here with endless rivers, lakes, mountains, hiking trails, hunding, fishing, swimming, and more.


Cost of living varies greatly across the State, but comparatively speaking, Tennessee is one of the most affordable States to live with the second lowest tax burden in the nation. Roughly speaking, when compared to California, Tennessee is 30-40% less expensive to live, eat, entertain and homes are 60-70% more affordable here with the average home cost being $231,000 in the Nashville metro area.

Why Choose Conservative Move?

We understand just how difficult the decision is to move away from a home and State you’ve loved. Our founders left a community they once loved too. We get it. You’re choosing to start a new life somewhere better. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Conservative Move to help you move:

We have top-producing real-estate agents all across the U.S. that work together to ensure your relocation is seamless from one state to another and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Our network of agents can help list your home too, anywhere in America, so you can feel secure that you’re working with people you can trust on both sides of your move.

Our team can help with preferred lenders to assist with a traditional 30-year fixed mortgage or VA loan, discounted rates with moving companies, and much more.

We coordinate meetings between you, and our agents and other support team members. Once you’re home, we can help with introductions to clubs, organizations and even other residents who made the same move.