Move to Your Values - Move to Idaho!

Move to Idaho with Us!

With so many people fleeing states like California, Washington and Oregon, Idaho is constantly in the top 10 of states that people are moving to. We are known for our unrelenting dedication to freedom, liberty, love of God & Country and traditional values. With her stunning mountain peaks, deep river gorges, thundering whitewater rapids, pristine lakes and more designated wilderness area than other states, Idaho is truly an outdoor recreation mecca. From hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, backpacking and more, Idaho’s rugged landscapes make Idaho one of the most beautiful and unique states.

Idaho routinely ranks in the top 10 for lowest tax burdens for individuals and businesses alike. Our reliable infrastructure and hard-working attitude are want make Idaho great for business!

Why Move to Idaho?

We understand just how difficult the decision is to move away. Our founders left a community they once loved too. We get it. You’re choosing to start a new life somewhere better. Here are just a few reasons why so many choose to move:

Safe Communities

People moving to Idaho are frequently stunned to learn that we all smile and wave at one another, kids are polite and there is virtually no graffiti to be seen. Idaho is a Constitutional Carry state and we are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment as well as personal responsibility.

Great Schools

Idaho has a number of top performing schools. The go-on rate for college continues to improve and the state has made significant investments in creating top trade schools for those not going on to college.


Idaho is one of the most affordable States to live in. Compared to California, Idaho is 24% less expensive to live based on housing & utilities, health care, food & beverages, and gas & energy.

Lower Taxes

In fact, with an average 1% property tax, 6% general sales tax and a generous $125,000 tax exemption on primary residences, Idaho has the lowest per capita tax burden of any state.

Beautiful Weather

Spring, summer, winter, and fall – every season in Idaho is a reason to celebrate. Each season brings about the excitement of getting outside and enjoying the outdoors. Idaho has so much going for it that many Idahoans take “staycations” rather than going some place else.

Entertainment & Outdoors

You will quickly discover an abundance of activities for people of all ages and interests. There is easy access to open spaces for outdoor enthusiasts – skiing, hiking, hunting, rivers, lakes, mountains, and trails are right out your doorstep.

Why Choose Conservative Move?

We understand just how difficult the decision is to move away from a home and State you’ve loved. Our founders left a community they once loved too. We get it. You’re choosing to start a new life somewhere better. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Conservative Move to help you move:

We have top-producing real-estate agents all across the U.S. that work together to ensure your relocation is seamless from one state to another and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Our network of agents can help list your home too, anywhere in America, so you can feel secure that you’re working with people you can trust on both sides of your move.

Our team can help with preferred lenders to assist with a traditional 30-year fixed mortgage or VA loan, discounted rates with moving companies, and much more.

We coordinate meetings between you, and our agents and other support team members. Once you’re home, we can help with introductions to clubs, organizations and even other residents who made the same move.