Why work with Conservative Move?

Our team of top-producing real estate agents work together at both ends of your relocation, to coordinate the sale of the home you are leaving with the purchase of your future home. Having a selling agent and a purchasing agent on the same team ensures you’ll be kept well-informed on the progress and timing of both of your transactions so your move is smooth and stress-free.

  • Clients have the option to utilize a discounted rate from moving company to those who use our agents.

  • Personalized tour of homes in any area the client requests.

  • If you decide to finance your home, we have suggestions on lenders to speak with who have assisted many of our clients in a variety of loans, including traditional 30-year fixed and VA.

  • We coordinate meetings and conference calls between you, your local agent, your agent in your future state, and a member of our executive team to ensure the smoothest process possible for you.

  • Our real estate agents in your new state can help introduce you to a variety of clubs and organizations that share the values of Conservative Move and our clients.

Are you ready to move to your values?